Awards - PePe sp.j. Armatura i Stal Kwasoodporna - WYRÓŻNIENIA6

While participation in the 15th Fair Dairy MILKY REVUE 23-25.05.2012 in Gdansk we received a Golden Milky Revue in the category of good products for HYDRODYNAMIC MIXER ISO MIX IM 10 Alfa Laval.

Advantages of ISO MIX IM 10:

1. Reduce the mixing time
2. Reduce cleaning time (Compared with static balls cleansing)
3. Simplify installation inside the tank (Easier to maintain hygiene) - no need to separately install the cleaning (washing heads) and the mixing (stirring). Mix both ISO and the mixture washed
4. Elimination of mechanical seals increases the degree of hygiene
5. Less wear cleaning media (water, acid, base)
6. Flexibility to use ISO tanks MIX - No interference with the tank (UDT, etc.)
7. Ability to dissolve in the liquid of liquid, powder, a liquid, aeration of liquids

Gazelle-pets not too big but quick and extremely alert. Such features sees us "Business Pulse". As a medium-sized company we received the award for extremely rapid development, impeccable reputation, integrity as well as to the contractor to the State.

PePe company received Business Cheetahs 2010. The competition recognizes the growth, ethical action and positive recommendations of products and services.